Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mui Mui Sequin Platforms and More!

Today I headed downtown to see "Valentino: The Last Emperor" (which was great!) and was trying to keep an eye out for cute shoes. The shoes that caught my attention were being worn by a woman but not a woman that would speak to me and answer my questions.

No, this woman wasn't being rude, she is a mannequin at Nordstrom. Her job isn't to speak, however, she did perform her duties as the shoes she was wearing made me take a double take... I actually walked past the window, thought about those shoes and then went back to take a picture. I went inside to get the info so I would have something to post here for you all.

Now, sadly I won't be buying these shoes but they would be great shoes for a night out - I can't imagine you wouldn't get hundreds of compliments from many jealous girls...

Name: Mui Mui Sequin Platforms
Purchased: Nordstrom
Price: $950
Favorite Feature: They look like party shoes!!

I did overhear a woman say they were tacky but what does she know! ;) She must not get out much because these shoes would rock the night!!

Since the shoes got me into Nordys I decided to look around - low and behold I fell in love with a cute pair of sandals!

Name: N.Y.L.A. 'Gazelle' Sandal
Purchased: Nordstrom
Price: $59.95
Favorite Feature: The ankle strap looks so cool!

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