Saturday, May 9, 2009

thaw Fashion Show

I attended the thaw Spring Fashion Show on Thursday night and this idea kind of spawned from all the amazing shoes I saw there. I didn't ask anyone about their footwear but I did snap a few pictures of some shoes I liked.

As we were waiting to get into the show I spied a beautiful tall woman wearing the Dior Extreme Cutout Sandal which was featured in the Sex and The City movie. Surely you remember it! I have seen alot of knockoff's of this shoe so I can't be certain they are really Dior but my guess would be they are. If my hunch is true these shoes run around $780. They are beautiful shoes and she wore them well!

The next shoes that caught my eye were a pair of red boots on the runway. I don't know who or where they are from but if you do please tell me! I would guess Nordstrom but when I searched their site I couldn't find them. My google search for red boot with buttons came up with everything but what I wanted. I must know, where are these boots from?!

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  1. They look a lot like Miz Mooz Amelia, only with slightly fewer folds up the leg: